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Just wanted to tell you that our technical crew was sitting around outside the shop after dark last night marveling at the simflame effect in the outdoor memorial candles we had wired. the effect is so natural that we had to keep reminding ourselves that it was electric lamps we were observing and not actual flames being disturbed by the breeze. Thanks for a great product.

    Allen Doak
    Midnight Productions, Inc.

Just a quick note of praise for your Simflame product.

I am using it in my home to create a fire effect behind a beautiful translucent Tiffany glass fireplace screen. The effect is very stunning and breathtaking, and it works perfectly. Itís the first thing that catches my guestsí attention, and itís exactly what I was looking for. When I ordered Simflame I had been thinking of adding a couple of silk flame effects to the fireplace along with the Simflame driven light, but the Simflame effect is so wonderful by itself that Iím going to leave it as it is. In fact, after seeing it work I now believe the silk flame effects might detract from the beauty of the effect by making it too busy.

Please feel free to use any or all of this letter in any way you like. Thanks for a great product!

    John Wilder
    Fair Oaks, CA

"Just a note to say thanks and good job. My Simflame (original 3-channel) has been performing flawlessly for over 5 years at my personal residence, driving five 35W converted Dietz lanterns. This is a good product, keep it up!"

    Chris Contes

Fantastic product!.

I received my first (single-channel bypass model) Simflame yesterday and it far exceeded my expectations. It's a very well constructed device that took me less than five minutes to install in a nautical lantern that's a part of my Swiss Family Robinson-themed yard. Adjusting the three mode switches took me a bit longer, but only because I couldn't make up my mind on which combination of effects I wanted. Once it was installed and running smoothly I couldn't bear to turn the lantern off overnight so it was there to greet us before daylight this morning.

The Simflame works exactly as advertised and this was just the first of many more I plan to purchase. Great product!!

    Lance in SC

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