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Q - Can the SimFlame module be used with LED's?

    A - All LED's seem to be made different, some customers have reported thier LED's worked fine, the few I've tested didn't work to my satisfaction, it doesn't hurt the module to try LED's, the best bet is going to be the "dimmable" LED lamps.

Q - How soon will my order ship?

    A - I try to keep at least a few of all modules in stock and ship the same or next business day. If I'm out of stock on any module I usually have the necessary parts on hand 90% of the time and can assemble and ship in 2 - 3 days.

Q - Can the SimFlame module be used on a dimmer?

    A - No! the controller will stop operating somewhere below 100 volts, and it also requires clean power most dimmers supply unclean (dirty) power.

Q - Can the Simflame module drive more than 3 lamps?

    A - Yes, each channel on most modules is capable of driving a maximum of 100 watts, this means you could use 1 - 100 watt lamp, 10 - 10 watt lamps, 25 - 4 watt lamps, etc, etc... per channel! you can also hook-up Christmas light strings to the module, the only rules are you must use only incandesent lamps and your total wattage per channel must not exceed 100 watts.

Q - What is the "Seed" number?

    A - The Simflame modules do not run a predetermined flicker pattern, each channel starts from a programmed "seed" number and from that number the module calculates the flicker effect as it runs and each channels math affects the other channels math, you may never see a repeat pattern especially on the 3-channel modules. But if you take 2 separate modules with the same seed number and power them on at the exact same time the flicker effect from both modules may be the same, in most cases this may be undesirable - so by changing the programmed starting number or "seed" number this problem can be eliminated. The seed number on all new modules is printed on the label, if you are placing an order and desire different seed numbers on some or all modules besure to state this when ordering.

Q - What's the minimum usable bulb wattage?

    A - I've operated the Simflame modules on a 1 watt bulb with no problems, any smaller than that may require a parallel resistance to ensure the module operates properly.

Thank You! keep the questions, suggestions and comments coming!